ICA Wood Coatings

ICA Water Based Coatings
The range of water-based coatings is becoming more and more popular with professional users because of the multitude of advantages it affords: absence of toxic emissions and unpleasant odours; ease of application; versatility; exceptional aesthetic results and, last but not least, the excellent chemical/physical resistance of the coating.

Antiche Armonie
Inspired by the colours of the Italian countryside, ICA Group has developed 12 stains that reflect the natural charm of wood with the warmth and simplicity of rural life. They are designed especially for application onto rustic wood in order to enhance the grain and wood fibre. Advantages include: Excellent lightfastness, great texture, pleasant to touch, and easily reproducible.

Parkea UV On Site
Water-based UV products for the on site coating of wooden flooring.

Renovation and Maintenance
How to renovate wooden windows and doors and maintain them over time. Our water-based conditioner – an innovative product that cleans the wood to which it is applied while also helping the wood to remain beautiful over time.

Wood Look
Experience wood colours in virtual 3D! The first system for the virtual treatment of wood with ICA Group’s high-definition colors and effects.

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