Water Based for Interiors

Iridea Range

poliuretaniciICA has been aiming to create the most state-of-the-art water-based coatings that deliver excellent aesthetic results for furniture and interior décor while reducing its impact on the user and the environment. Water-based coatings for interiors were previously seen as a compromise in favour of environmental legislation over results. ICA’s water-based products for interiors offer high quality finishes that make them an excellent choice when you are looking for first-class results that are also respectful of the environment.


The Iridea range is becoming increasingly popular with our users because of the number of advantages that it offers: the absence of toxic emissions and unpleasant odours; the ease of application and versatility; exceptional aesthetic results and the excellent chemical and physical resistance of the coating. ICA’s water-based transparent and pigmented water-based coatings provide high levels of chemical and physical resistance that they are comparable to traditional coatings. Yet, these coatings contain only 3-7% VOCs compared to 55-75% found in solvent-based coatings. Water-based coatings, therefore, make it possible to guarantee the same high-quality results as their solvent-based coatings counterparts while reducing the emission of harmful solvents into the atmosphere.

This eco-friendly approach to coatings benefits both those who apply the coatings and the end users. They are intended to facilitate the coating of interior furniture and décor in the most ecological way possible by reducing solvent emissions both during the application and drying phases.

Water-based coatings contain the lowest possible amount of noxious substances, helping to minimize the environmental impact of coatings over the long term and during day-to-day use by the end customer.

ICA’s bi-component water-based coatings have been officially recognized by the European Union’s LIFE program, which highlights cutting-edge projects that work to safeguard the environment.

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