Water Based for Exteriors


The use of water-based coatings for exteriors is becoming increasingly popular because of the many advantages that they offer. They have helped reduce the emission of solvents into the atmosphere, offer short application times, excellent elasticity and resistance to temperature and atmospheric agents, maximum coatability and reduced risk of combustion of spray fumes.

The motivation behind the formulation of ICA’s water-based coatings is that many manufacturers are looking for state-of-the-art products in terms of durability that are also environmentally friendly. This challenge was instrumental in defining ICA’s approach to researching and refining its products. Using advanced simulation programs and extensive research allows our products to be tested thoroughly using techniques such as accelerated ageing cycles to ensure optimum performance.

Today, the ARBOREA range represents the perfect combination of rock-solid protection and long-lasting beauty.


The Arborea range offers high quality finishes for exterior décor and shutters because they:

  • Contain pigments and UV filters that protect the wooden surface and impede the yellowing and vetrification of the coating film
  • Undergo strict internal laboratory testing, from the experimental phase through to the sampling of individual batches to ensure consistency in production
  • Are tested by external bodies in accordance with stringent regulatory frameworks relating to the classification of exterior coating products (including EU standard UNI EN 927)

LA410I – Water-Based Nanotechnological Top Coat for Exteriors

Specifically designed for coating outdoor frames and shutters, ICA has developed LA410I, a transparent water-based nano-technological top coat. It is the outcome of research conducted by ICA’s Research and Development laboratories in partnership with the nano-materials sector to develop a formulation of water-based coatings for exteriors.

Advantages in the Applications Phase

  • High covering power in electrostatic application allows for the development of a film with uniform thickness even in areas that are typically more difficult to reach
  • Allows for a drastic reduction in overspray and product usage thanks to its ease of re-use thanks to its pseudoplastic viscosity
  • Provides excellent coverage with limited tearing of the wood’s fibre with less product applied


Technical Advantages

  • Better water resistance and capacity for water vapour transpiration
  • Less surface degradation after exposure to ageing tests according to EN 927/6
  • Excellent impermeability of the film just 24 hours after application

Aesthetic Advantages

  • Good wetting and excellent definition of the pore without swelling or plasticized effect
  • Excellent transparency
  • Velvet feel to touch


European Union Life Award

ICA’s research in the water-based coatings field was presented to the European Commission and was the only one to receive the LIFE award in the coatings sector. The products developed by ICA were shown to work effectively towards a reduction of VOC emissions into the atmosphere.
The LIFE (L’Instrument Financier pour l’Environnement) program is an initiative launched to give financial incentives to organizations engaged in ‘solid and sustainable development’. The central objectives of the LIFE program are the control and reduction of pollution in its various forms through the development of ‘clean’ technologies.

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