Stain Mix

ICA Stain Mix System

Infinite Opportunities for Colouring Wood

The colouring of wood is an ancient practice used to modify its colour and maintain or enhance its natural characteristics. The range of ICA colourants is composed of varying products to meet every need in regards to aesthetic qualities and application methods. The Stain Mix system provides the possibility to create an infinite number of colours to meet user requirements, adjusting the chosen colourant until the exact tone is created. The versatility of the Stain Mix colourants is enhanced by their mixability with a wide range of bases and vehicles. This allows for the easy development of a wide variety of effects and colours.

Stain Mix is much more than a series of tints or a new colour chart. It is a simple and efficient system for the preparation of a vast range of stains for wood that allows for the practical mixing of a wide variety of stains. Two different types of base stains can be chosen from: IN and CNA. The IN stain series is made up of solvent-based stains, which can be diluted with either solvents or water. The CNA stain series are water-based stains and can be diluted only with water.



  1. Simplicity of mixing ensures consistent colour results and ability to instantly adjust colours
  2. Eliminates excess stock as only the 16 base concentrates with long shelf-life are required
  3. Economical: decreases buying costs compared to the ready to use tints (already diluted)
  4. Instant availability of tints: it is no longer necessary to wait for the tint to be delivered – a chosen colour can be produced instantly at any time

Stain Mix is an innovative system which offers a simple yet efficient method to create stains easily and quickly. This process allows for colour creation and matching to be done in-house, eliminating waiting times associated with outsourcing colour matching.

Stain Mix offers flexibility that no other colour systems offer:

  • With just 16 base colours, it is possible to formulate all of the possible colours in the Stain Mix colour charts
  • Colour formulation made simple: just two or three components are usually required to create each colour formula
  • Consistent colour results that are clean and crisp as many formulas utilize primary colours

Two different stain systems are available, IN and CNA. IN series is a solvent based concentrate that can be diluted with both solvents and/or water. The CNA series can only be diluted with water. Our IN colourants are designed primarily for interior use while the CNA series exhibits excellent light fastness and can be used in exterior applications.

Once the stain colour formula is chosen and mixed, the concentrated colour can be reduced to the desired colour strength using the appropriate solvent/water and desired vehicles. Vehicles are what make the system so versatile. Application method or desired end result will determine the vehicle you choose to add to your stain.

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