The considerable experience accumulated by ICA Group’s Research and Development laboratories in the formulation of water-based coatings for wood has led to the creation of a specific range of paint for glass, both flat and hollow.

ICA Group’s glass range is composed of transparent, coloured, lacquered, and metallic mono-component and bi-component water-based paints that make it possible to achieve high-quality aesthetic results with an unrivaled array of effects and colours, as well as excellent adhesion and chemical/physical resistance.

The products are non-flammable, making them easy to store and dilute in water, so they are simple to prepare and use. Moreover, due to their low levels of volatile organic compounds, they allow for compliance with the regulations on limitations of solvent emissions into the atmosphere.
ICA Group’s range of high quality coatings, which over the years has been geared more and more towards a reduction in environment impact, has enabled the company to be recognized as one of the most technologically advanced players in the market, both in Italy and internationally.

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