CNA Water Based Stains

CNA Water Based Concentrates are concentrated tints that have been dissolved and stabilized in water. They have excellent transparency and light fastness and are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. CNA stains are applied as a spray-no-wipe system with minimal grain rise.

CNA Water Based Stains Colours:

      • CNA18: Redwood
      • CNA31: Red
      • CNA39: Walnut
      • CNA40: Dark Walnut
      • CNA41: Antique Walnut
      • CNA48: Apricot
      • CNA51: Yellow
      • CNA70: Black
      • CNA71: Lemon Yellow
      • CNA72: Scarlet
      • CNA73: Light Walnut
      • CNA74: Light Mahogany
      • CNA75: Red Brown
      • CNA76: Light Green
      • CNA77: Turquoise
      • CNA848: White
      • VE202: Vehicle for CNA

Colours Available on Request
CNACA: Sample Colour
TAPU: Ready to use

Stain Mix Kits
Small – KITCNA16
Large – KITCNA68


Concentrated, intermixable water based stains for universal use (including outdoor). Excellent transparency and grain definition are characteristic of this series.

Designed for spray application, they can however also be wiped if necessary. It is essential that all the water is allowed to evaporate prior to overcoating – generally 8 to 12 hours in normal ambient conditions.

With water – ratios from 1:2 to 1:50. The colours in the STAIN MIX chart are obtained using from 3% (1:32) to 25% (1:3) CNA to water.

After dilution, spray using a 1.2mm to 1.5mm nozzle (pneumatic pistol) and a pressure of 3 Atm (40-45
To accelerate drying times and limit possible strike, VE202 can be added at 10-30%.

Spray and Wipe
The addition of VE202 at 5-10% or VE208 at approx 80% will allow the CNA stains to be wiped.

Dilute with IN921.
The CNA stains can be overcoated with nitrocellulose, pre-cat, polyurethane, acid cured, synthetic, water based and acrylic coatings, or polyester after first applying “isolante” IS201.

Light Fastness
Good for indoor and outdoor use.

European Union Life Award
ICA’s research in this field was presented to the European Commission and was the only one to receive an award (“LIFE”) in the coatings sector. The products developed by ICA were shown to work effectively towards a reduction in atmospheric emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

LIFE (l’Instrument Financier pour l’Environnement) program, is an initiative launched to give financial incentives to organizations engaged in ‘solid and sustainable development’. The central objectives of the LIFE program are the control and reduction of pollution in its various forms through ‘clean’ technologies.


ISO 14001
ICA is also the first European wood coatings manufacturer to achieve ISO14001 certification – described as:

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a structured approach to addressing the environmental bottom line. ISO 14001 is the world’s most recognized EMS framework – accepted from Argentina to Zimbabwe – that helps organizations both to manage better the impact of their activities on the environment and to demonstrate sound environmental management. See for more information.

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